Significant Me – a tour-de-force comedy with a sprinkle of dance, improv, and audience participation, not to mention a sneaky tug at the heart. Think of it as Lucille Ball meets Stepford Wives.

The continuation of her unique premise (ONEymoon), Signficant Me takes place three years later and is the tale of Caroline Bierman, an uncompromising perfectionist who vows to forsake all others and marry herself, yet still struggles to accept the realities of life once the honeymoon phase is over. Join Caroline as she prepares her third anniversary dinner and shares her frantic pursuit of domestic bliss, all while her attention to detail makes her oblivious to the obvious: every relationship, even one with yourself, has its problems.

“I feel there’s a universal element to this show,” says Bartelse, “because we all at one point have had fears surrounding relationships, marriage, or remaining single, not to mention confusion about what we really want.”